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NRL 7442

Geospatial Computing Section United States Naval Research Laboratory

Tileserver Web Client

Tileserver Examples for Openlayers and WMTS

Service Links

Tileserver (Imagery) - (WMS,WMTS,WCS,KML)

Digital Nautical Charts - (WMS,WMTS,WFS)

Electronic Nautical Charts - (WMS,WMTS)

Maritime Products (MODU, Broadcast Warnings, ASAM) - (WMS,WMTS,WFS)

Open Street Maps - (WMS,WMTS,WFS)

Geonames - (WMS,WMTS,WFS)

World Port Index - (WMS,WMTS,WFS)

Geonetwork Service Catalog - (geonetwork)

Example Geopackages

World Port Index Vector Geopackage - (wpi.gpkg)

Electronic Nautical Charts Vector Geopackages - (enc.gpkg)

DoD personnel and contractors site (CAC Card Required)

Legacy GIDB/DMAP website

We conduct research and development on significant problems involving the collection, processing and distribution of geospatial data. The following are our core focus areas:

Geospatial Web Services

Lightweight, Portable and Inexpensive Geospatial Data Management Systems

Managing Geospatial Uncertainty

Automation of Geospatial Processes

High Performance Geospatial Computing